Project Masam welcomes new explosive detection dogs to increase safety


Project Masam welcomes eight new dogs to the team this week.

These highly trained explosive detection dogs (EDD) keep team members safe and protected by being able to detect the odour of explosives.

The new group of dogs includes the Belgium Malinois: Csaro, Gerta, Lezli, Pepsi and Peru and the German Shepherds: Ficko, Jerry, and Sandra.

The EDD team conducts two perimetre searches daily, as well as baggage and vehicle searches, and visual detection of suspicious items.

Each dog has a strong bond with their handler, who is trained to recognise slight behavioural changes and minute cues even before the dog’s final response.
Through these bond and communication, dogs and their handlers can work together to mitigate explosive threats. These relationships are crucial in maintaining the safety of the entire team.


It is important to mention and understand that there is a difference between the term EDD (Explosives Detection Dogs) and MDD (Mine Detection Dogs).

EDD training focuses on explosive vapours and firearms, to be used by security companies and law enforcement agencies.

On the other hand, MDD groups are more specialised, with training directed more towards military grade explosives and the identification of subsurface buried mines and devices.

Masam has never used EDD to secure or search task sites within its area of operations.

The EDDs owned by Masam are all based at the project’s Marib headquarters (HQ) and is solely deployed to indicate the presence of explosives during vehicle/parcel/personnel searches as part of access control safety measures to Marib HQ.

Occasionally, Masam EDD are used to inspect the base perimetre and also to verify the training area prior to practical training sessions.

In most cases the Masam work locations are several hours travel by road, and the long-distance travel together with extreme heat conditions could have a negative effect on the motivation and reliability of EDDs working in the field.


Masam has a wide variety of equipment available in its “toolbox” ranging from Hook&Line sets, Low Order Deflagration sets and hand-held metal detectors to deep search bomb locators.

Each location and situation in the field is different therefore require a specific type of tool or equipment to be used.

One of Masam’s most powerful tools is the human ability factor; leading to accurate information gathering; obtaining the trust of local population, intensive training on subject knowledge and ultimately utilising the expertise of field personnel – which is the reason for Masam’s achievements within the theatre of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operations within Yemen.