Project Masam clears 422,342 landmines and explosive threats in Yemen


Project Masam has announced it has located and destroyed 422,342 explosive devices in Yemeni liberated areas.

These include 6,395 anti-personnel mines, 141,896 anti-tank mines, 266,152 unexploded ordnance (UXO) and 7,899 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) neutralised over 51,533,391 square metres of land since mid-2018.

Since the conflict between Yemen’s pro-government forces and Houthi militias escalated in 2014, liberated strategic areas have been left littered with Houthi anti-personnel mines and anti-tank mines, along with unexploded remnants of war.

Last week (11 November – 17 November 2023) alone, Project Masam deminers removed 873 deadly items, including five anti-personnel mines, 113 anti-tank mines, and 755 UXO, according to Project Masam Managing Director Ousama Algosaibi. The teams cleared 248,593 square metres during the same period.

Up to five million people are estimated to have been forced to flee their homes since the beginning of the conflict in Yemen – many of them displaced by the presence of landmines on their land.

Masam teams are tasked to clear areas of immediate humanitarian priority: villages, roads, schools, etc… in order to facilitate the safe movement of civilians and humanitarian goods and services.

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