Project Masam destroys 1,526 landmines in Yemen’s western coast

Project Masam destroyed thousands of landmines and explosive items despite challenging circumstances, according to Engineer Adib Rajab, Deputy Team Leader of Project Masam’s Special Task Team.
Rajab said that Project Masam destroyed 1,526 mines, unexploded ordnance, and explosive devices that posed a threat to civilian lives in several Yemeni regions.
The deputy team leader indicated that these landmines were removed from separate areas on Yemen’s western coast, including Hays, Al-Khawkhah, Al-Omari, and Bab Al-Mandab, where they severely impacted civilians by threatening civilians in their homes, villages and main facilities – forcing many into displacement.
Rajab also commended the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their financial support and humanitarian aid assistance in Yemen, and Yemeni people facing the threat of landmines.
Finally, the deputy team leader said that Project Masam teaches everyone a “unique humanitarian lesson that makes everyone proud”.
Masam’s management provided all the necessary expertise and experience in order to support Yemen – which has so had great results on the ground despite the challenging circumstances, landscape difficulties, and danger.