Masam destroys and detonates 1,470 mines and UXOs in Yemen’s southern Abyan governorate

Project Masam has destroyed and detonated 1,470 landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) in Yemen’s southern Abyan governorate.
The Operations Room announced in a statement that the destruction operation was carried out by the Special Task Force today (25 May 2023).
Items destroyed included seven anti-tank mines, three banned anti-personnel landmines, 416 shells, five rockets and 937 artillery rounds.
The destruction operation is the second one carried out this month, after last week’s Bab al-Mandab operation, during which 1,407 mines, UXO, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were destroyed.
Since mid-2018, Project Masam has been carrying out humanitarian landmine clearance operations across several Yemeni regions to bring life back to normal in vital areas and facilities.
Deminers’ efforts have contributed to the trust Yemenis are giving Project Masam, and they are fully cooperating with the project by reporting any suspicious objects or accidents to the concerned authorities.
Awareness campaigns, and the clearance efforts, have helped reduce the number of civilian landmine casualties.
Since its inception in June 2018, Project Masam has removed 399,195 mines, UXO, and IEDs.