Project Masam demolishes landmines and unexploded ordnance in Jabal al-Nar in Yemen’s Al-Mokha

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As part of its efforts to clear liberated Yemeni lands of landmines, Project Masam has carried out the destruction and demolition of 16 landmines and unexploded ordnance in Jabal al-Nar, in the Al-Mokha district in Yemen’s Taiz Governorate.

The demolition operation, carried out by Project Masam’s Special Task Team, included four anti-tank landmines, 10 unexploded shells, in addition to a missile and a hand grenade.

The leader of Project Masam’s Special Task Team in the West Coast said, in a statement, that the now-demolished landmines, missiles and shells posed a direct threat to the lives of sheep herders and their livestock, as these livestock graze on the affected agricultural areas.

He stressed that the process of destroying these ordnances in situ would allow sheep herders to confidently move freely, graze their animals and benefit from the local pastures.

The leader pointed out that the Special Task Team carries out its demolition operations in compliance with international standards.

According to these standards, the team members make sure that there are no civilian homes near the detonation site, and must ensure that no shepherds or their livestock are present near the destruction site. They must also respect mandatory safe distances to carry out the demolition process safely.