Project Masam conducts refresher training for demining teams in Aden and the West Coast

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Project Masam has conducted a refresher training for field teams operating in Aden and the West Coast.

The training programme encompassed all 18 demining teams active in the governorates of the governorates of Aden, Lahj, Taiz, Hudaydah, and Abyan.

The refresher began at the end of June 2024, focusing initially on demining Teams 24 and 28, with the remaining demining teams scheduled to participate sequentially as per the training plan devised by Project Masam training advisors.

After their return from the Eid al-Adha holiday, experts aimed to refresh deminers by reminding them of international demining standards. Project Masam experts also personnel on the latest innovations in demining, both in Yemen and globally.

Simultaneously, Project Masam’s medical team conducted a refresher for the field teams’ paramedics to enable them to carry on with their work, inspect medical equipment, and review medicine stocks.

Dr. Abdul Salam Mohammed, a member of the medical team at Project Masam based in Aden, stated that the refresher aims to empower field paramedics by training them on medical evacuation methods, both for field injuries and other internal cases.

Additionally, the refresher training included educating them on ways to manage prevalent diseases in the West Coast and Aden regions, such as cholera, and how to handle cases of infections resulting from high temperatures in the field.

He emphasised that the refresher training also aims to inspect the medical equipment of field paramedics, ensuring it is suitable for use, and replacing any damaged items with new equipment. It also involves checking the validity of the paramedics’ medicine stock and replenishing any items that have run out, Mohammed said.